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Video 3

This video is pretty interesting to me. In it Amir shows EXACTLY which keyword phrases are producing sales for him with his yeast infection product. This is pretty insightful and worth the 7 minutes it takes to watch it. If you’re interested in Xtreme Conversions now is a great time to buy – Amir told […]

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Video 2 – Setting Up Adwords Campaign

Here’s video 2 in Amir’s 3-part series (part three will be available tomorrow). If you don’t know Amir, he created Xtreme Conversions. Xtreme Conversions is software that will tell you which keyword phrases are producing sales for you and can save you a TON of money by not spending on phrases that don’t make you […]

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Selecting A Product On Clickbank

Amir Darwish, creator of Xtreme Conversions, has put together a few videos that others would probably charge you $50-100 for. In this video he shows how he goes about finding and selecting a product to promote from Clickbank. Everyone has a different way of approaching this critical step –

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