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Been a while since I’ve posted on Black Books Blog.

I was snooping around one of the rip off sites and read this post referring to the Affiliate Black Book’s copy:

OK…2 questions from the sales page.
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2. his COPY
he goes on the usual X tangent about how gurus are all a-holes and such.  then talks about the typical “big name” endorsements and such…..

then MARLON SANDERS  pops into :w00t: :-D
isnt marlon part-owned by yanik and mike filsaime ???  seems very strange he would just totally negate everything by having a marlon testimonail…shame on X

and i say this as a rather big fan of X

First, yes I have tracking in place and there are two lawsuits in process against people I’ve tracked as sharing my material.  (The rich will end up richer).

Second, I don’t think I bag on the “gurus” (in this sales letter) but instead those who’ve grossly borrowed from my style and ideas to the point of actually changing their names.  Seriously, I thought Andrew Fox was a pretty well established “guru”, so WTF is he doing changing his name to Andrew X?  I guess I should be flattered – somehow I’m not.

No, I don’t have any big name guru testimonials on the site and the sites that do that almost always lose my sale – I really don’t care what your circle jerk buddies think of you and your product.  I want to hear something real.

OK, then there’s Marlon.

I’m not some guy who says “I hate all the gurus – piss on them all just ‘cuz”.  No, I just say “piss on some of them”.

There are some guys out there ( a lot of them actually ) who don’t offer more than lukewarm piles of shit.

I believe in offering something better than that and have done my best to ensure that anything I sell or recommend is good – that it works.  I have no respect for those who sell crap.

I admit that I know very little about the products that Marlon sells.  But I do know Marlon.  We met at a seminar and we’ve talked on the phone a number of times.  And all I can say is this . . .

He’s smart as hell and funnier than the devil in his little outfit (I’m talking about the devil’s little outfit, not Marlon’s).  And I sure don’t see Marlon as a part of the Internet marketing equivelant of the Back Street Boys.  As a marketer I think he CRUSHES Mike Filsaime or Yanik Silver.  Although I’ve never met Yanik, I can say I’d rather sit at lunch with Marlon than either Filsaime or Silver – Marlon is just a sharp, sharp marketing mind.

Not that Filsaime and Silver don’t have anything to offer (I learn from everyone and I’ve learned from them both), but it’s kind of like asking “Would you rather have lunch with Reagan or ‘W'”?  Sure, ‘W’ is a cocky little fuck who thinks he’s all that but a few of us know better, don’t we.  You go with the classic.  Yeah, it’s like Classic Coke versus New Coke.

Or maybe, stranded on a desert island with a bunch of well-off natives but no computer, no list, no money and no phone which of the three is most likely to survive – I’m going with Marlon – unless we’ve got Hyundai’s to sell, then maybe I pick Filsaime.  Maybe.

I don’t need to defend Marlon.  I just found it . . .  a weird post.  Like, “Dude – you serious?”

I get the point our friend is referencing and I can understand how it might be out of place in an X sales letter.  I guess *I* don’t see Marlon that way – at all.


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